Iranian Jewellery Designer AREZOO

    1. Tell us about your background? Born and raised in Iran, I was always interested in art. I used to paint a lot as a child and loved making sculptures. I did my diploma in mathematics though and then later I joined Central Saint Martins and studied jewellery design. At the moment I am living between Qatarand Iran, where Arsha Jewellery store is based. 
    2. What inspired to launch your own jewellery collection? When I was a child, every time I saw a piece of jewellery, I wanted to change something about it and create my own piece. When I grew up, I decided that I wanted to do exactly that. ZH_Arezoo00_00
    3. Who or what inspires you when you’re designing? I get inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Iran; our bright colours and patterns. I always look for unique stones and that is where the design process begins. After I have the stone, I start designing a piece of jewellery that does the stone justice and reflects it’s beauty.
    4. What has been the most exciting part of building the brand so far? When I actually see people wearing what I create. For example, the “Iran” bracelet is something I see around quite a lot. It means a lot when people enjoy wearing what I spent hours creating.ZH_Arezoo02_00
    5. What sort of customer do you design for? People who are looking for something different, colourful and elegant yet fun. My customers range from 18 to 60. There is definitely a lot for different ages and budgets.
    6. If you could design a piece for anybody, who would it be? Blake Lively – I love her style.
    7. Tell us more about the fashion and jewellery scene in IranPeople in Iran are very fashionable. They care a lot about how they dress and how they look. The jewellery industry has been growing very fast in past few years. Ten years ago, there were only a few large jewellery stores – a trade, which was inherited from great-grand fathers but now there is a lot of young talent coming onto the scene. When I moved to London to study Jewellery design seven years ago, some people didn’t even know that such a qualification existed! Now Iranian universities are teaching jewellery courses so it has really come a long way.
    8. What are your plans for the future? To expand my brand internationally, starting with the UK.
    9. When you look back on your life, what would you like to be remembered for? I want to be remembered as a fashion and design icon.
    10. If you could be stuck in an elevator with anybody, who would it be? It would be the worst day of my life. Every time I get in to an old elevator the first thought in my head, is what if I get stuck! Well if I would choose someone to be stuck with it would be my very handsome husband!


    Arezoo Shayanfar

    Trained at London’s prestigious Central St Martins, Iranian born Arezoo Shayanfar’s Arsha collection (derived from the Farsi for ‘treasure’) has been showcased all over Europe and the Middle East, culminating in 2009 with the launch of a stand-alone store launched in Tehran. Expect timeless contemporary classics that are carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection, including Rtister’s range of friendship bracelets featuring playful charms forged out of 18 karat gold and pure silk thread.